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 New Works


Throughout a lifetime of producing contemporary original paintings I have found myself drawn to two themes. 

One theme, based on observation, is usually inspired by, or produced while travelling around the globe or around British Columbia, Canada. Whether actually painting on location or developing concepts from the places I have been, a common theme is a desire to catch a quality of light and explore expressive realism.
A second theme is based on ideas, and is usually produced in my studio. It often tends to be more abstract. In these pieces I attempt to examine through symbols, the encounter of deeply held cultural beliefs with new scientific data related to those beliefs.
Obviously these two approaches produce two very different types of art work. It is the differences and similarities between the two types of work that I explore in a variety of media: watercolor, chalk pastels, oils, acrylics and mixed media.
A full selection of the most recent 20 New Works may be seen on the moving slider on the Home Page.