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The White Dress
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"The White Dress"

Oil on Canvas
Unframed size    24 x 40 in.
Framed size        25 x 41 in.


Artist’s Comments    (Artist’s Comments are intended solely for those viewers who would appreciate more information on the motivations and processes involved in each painting.  They are not intended to direct how anyone might respond to or interpret my work.)

We had made arrangements to stay at a bed and breakfast in Labrador, but found out later that our car rental agency would not allow us to bring the car to Labrador.  We rebooked in Newfoundland for three days and discovered that we had stumbled upon a fascinating residence.

The living room was behind French doors.  The beveled glass distorted and rearranged any subject behind them.  I was fascinated by the possibilities of using the rearranged shapes in a composition, since I enjoy the fun of playing with spatial manipulations.

A young lady who lived in the house proved to be a willing model for my studies.  The double portrait of the girl as seen silhouetted against the light streaming through the window was just the effect I was looking for.