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Dyhan at Rest*
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"Dyhan at Rest"*

Watercolour over Chalk Pastel
Unframed size    15 x 21 in.
Framed size        20 x 26 in.


Artist’s Comments    (Artist’s Comments are intended solely for those viewers who would appreciate more information on the motivations and processes involved in each painting.  They are not intended to direct how anyone might respond to or interpret my work.)

A modeling session with my long-time favorite model, Dyhan, led to this painting.

During a break between poses she rested on a couch in the studio. I am always amazed at her ability to fall into just the right positions to inspire a successful painting. Again she did not disappoint, even though her intention was simply to have a short break, and not to strike an “artistic” pose  

The afternoon light streaming in through the blinds projected a fascinating pattern onto her. Intervening glass panels reflected lights from the other side of the room.  The whole scene said “paint me!” I stopped what I was working on and started this painting.

The technique used is one of broken colour, an Old Masters’ approach first developed in Venetian art. Paints are applied loosely in marks that when seen close up seem rough and intense. But when the viewer steps back to the optimum viewing distance, the eye blends the marks into a more powerful image than could be obtained by blending with a brush.